Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Outfit ideas...

Hi guys,

Firstly I'd like to apologise for the lack of updates on my blog... It's just been a very stressful month!

Now as it is Christmas & NYE is just around the corner, I thought I would post a few outfits that I have worn over the past month!

Hopefully these outfits will inspire you and give you some ideas on what to wear! :)

Have a merry merry Christmas and an amazing New Years whatever you decide to do! :) 

I will be back with more blog posts for you guys in 2014!

Thank you to all of you for reading my blog!

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Which outfit is your favourite?!

Let me know :)

Deepa xo

Thursday, 21 November 2013

One item...


It's always annoying when you have some items that you've only worn once and you know they could be worn again but you just can't think of how to style them again!

So I decided to do a post where I would show you how I create different looks with just one item of clothing!

I hope that by reading this blog you'll get some kind of inspiration or (what usually happens to me) just want to go shopping! 

For this post I'm using a cream shirt which I did buy a while ago but you can recreate these looks with any plain white or cream shirt you have! 

I do believe that a white/cream shirt is a wardrobe staple & there are many looks that can be created with a shirt, so here are mine...

Which look is your favourite?

Let me know! :)

Deepa xo

Monday, 18 November 2013

#ootn - Style Post

Hi guys,

I know it's been forever since I last posted & I know I say this every time but I will try & update the blog more often!

Today's post is a quick Outfit of The Night from a recent evening out with some of my friends.

It's been quite cold in London so I've not really been wanting to wear dresses or skirts when I go out which is why I opted for a pair of pleather (I think!) jeans!

I added a plain black crop top and wore a kind of cardigan thingy on top...

Sorry guys, I have no idea what it's called... If anyone knows please comment & let me know! Thanks! :)

To complete the outfit I wore some nude heels & silver jewellery!

Let me know what you think!!! :)

Deepa xo

Jeans - New Look, Crop top - Topshop, Other top - Primark, Heels - Primark, Watch - Casio.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

#ootd - Style Post


I know it's been an awfully long time since I've done a blog post... Well like a few weeks but you get my drift...

So I'm back with an Outfit Of The Day post for you guys!

It was my little sister's birthday last week & she's finally 18 (HURRAH!) so I took her out to see Wicked at the theatre!

We also popped in to have some afternoon tea at the Hilton beforehand cos we're just so la-di-da like that! :)

I really am loving pointed stilettos at the moment... I don't know why but I went through a phase of hating them on me but I thought what the heck, they look good on everyone else so I tried them out again & yes I love them (I know, I'm repeating myself!)

So my outfit for that day was created around the shoes (always a good place to begin)... 

I decided I wanted to wear something that was smart/casual just because it's London but I didn't want to look like I'd just finished work so I opted for some acid wash skinny jeans and a white shirt...

Can't go wrong with a white shirt & jeans!

I added a black boyfriend blazer, some silver jewellery and a grey scarf to complete the look!

As it was quite a chilly day, I covered up with a black mac!

I couldn't decide quick enough on a bag so I had to make do with a black satchel but hey, I think it goes!

Let me know your thoughts on the outfit! :)

What items are you loving at the moment?

Until next time...

Deepa xo 
P.S. Pics in the toilet are obligatory! You know this!!! :)

Shoes - Matalan, Jeans - Topshop, Blazer - H&M, Shirt - H&M, Coat - New Look, Satchel - H&M, Collar Necklace - Dorothy Perkins, Watch - Casio, Rings - Miss Selfridge.

Friday, 11 October 2013


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Monday, 7 October 2013

My Not So Mini Beauty/Toiletries Haul


So the other day I popped into town just to get a few bits and as usual ended up with more than I bargained for!

My first port of call was Superdrug!

Now I am a sucker for deals and this is how these shops lure me in!!!

I've been wanting to try a new shampoo and Superdrug were doing a 2 for £5 deal on all of their V05 products excluding the hot oils and Argan oil treatment which was 2 for £7!
I bought the V05 "Cherish My Colour" shampoo & conditioner along with the Miracle Concentrate Elixir with Argan Oil and Hot Oils "Nourish My Shine".

Also from Superdrug, I picked up 2 Barry M Matte Nail Paints in the shades Crush & Caramel. (£3.99 each)
Again, they had an offer on this too! If you spent more than £9 on any Barry M products you would receive their Lash Vegas mascara for free!!!

Now I love a freebie hence why I'm such a sucker for these deals!!!

I picked up another Barry M Nail Paint which is in their Textured Nail Effect range and in the shade Majesty and got my free mascara!

My next stop was naturally Boots!

I do like to compare offers and was gutted when I walked into Boots and found that they had the same promotion on their Barry M products but more shades of their Matte collection.
Ever since I heard they brought out this collection, I've been dying to try it out!
So from Boots, I bought the shades Espresso, Vanilla & Mocha and again, got myself a free mascara! I chose the waterproof one this time!

I've also been wanting to try out a new drugstore foundation and so many beauty bloggers/Youtubers rave about the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation (£8.99) so I thought I'd give it a try! I bought mine in the shade Soft Beige.
Rimmel had a promotion where if you spent more than £10, you'd get their Scandaleyes Flex Mascara for free. So I added the Natural Bronzer in the shade 022 Sun Bronze (£5.99) to my basket.
Now they claim that this bronzer is waterproof so I'm quite eager to test that out and I think it would be very good for contouring!!

I've heard a lot of people talk about the new Sculpting Brow Mascara from Maybelline and I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon too! I bought mine in the shade Dark Brown.
Naturally, Maybelline had a 3 for 2 promo going on! I tried so hard to just pick up the one item but I couldn't so I added another Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick to my collection, this time in the shade Fuscia Flash and their Master Precise black liquid eyeliner pen cos you can never have enough black eyeliners.

For skincare, I always use Garnier products. They are always bringing out new products which I enjoy trying out but I do find that most of their stuff actually works!
I bought the Pure Active Anti-Spot Exfoliating Scrub and the Pure Active Anti-Spot 24h Moisturiser to try out this time and I've only just started using them so I can't give a fair review on them just yet but I will try and write a review blog post on them :)

Also Boots were doing a 3 for 2 on their skincare products but I have no idea what I picked up as my third item :$ (WARNING: This is what happens when you buy too much stuff!!!)

The last place I popped into was Asda where I picked up my monthly Glamour! And some more things!!!

Asda had an offer on their V05 products too!!! They had a 3 for £5 offer on their haircare section so I bought 2 bottles of hair mousse; one is called "Plump It Up" and the other "Smoothly Does It". I also picked up the Heat Protect Styling Spray which I use all the time and absolutely love and a newbie which I wanted to try, "Give Me Texture" instant oomph powder.
The idea of putting powder in my hair freaks me out slightly so I am nervous to try this but it was there on the shelf, looking all small and cute, so I picked that up too!

And woahhhh that's the end of my beauty/toiletries haul! 

What Beauty/Haircare products are you loving at the moment?
Have you tried any of the products I've mentioned in this haul? 
Do let me know :)

Hope you enjoyed this blog post as it is something new & different from me! :)
Comment, Follow, Like!!!

Deepa xo

Friday, 27 September 2013

#ootd - Style Post


So this is my first #ootd style post on my new blog!!!

And I have a cute but very simple #ootd for you guys! 

It's so simple... Anyone can wear this! :)

A plain white tee is must have in anyone's wardrobe because it can look classy as well as casual!

I've worn the white tee with a pair of teal leggings & then thrown a grey knit cardi over the top! 

I added a pair of black knee high boots and a black & white bag to complete the look! 

Jewellery was very minimum with just a watch on my wrist!

This outfit is perfect for a day out shopping or lunch/dinner!

You could always add a necklace or big earrings if you think it looks too plain!

As always let me know what you think! :)

Deepa xo

Tee - Dorothy Perkins, Leggings - Bershka, Boots - Primark, Cardigan - Wallis, Bag - Matalan, Watch - Armani Exchange.